AfricaNews runs news and weather summaries every half-hour.



Africanews is a French multilingual news network, formerly headquartered in Pointe-Noire, Republic of the Congo. Budget concerns caused by the coronavirus forced the channel to permanently shift operations to a small newsroom at the headquarters of sister channel Euronews in Lyon, France.

Currently, the programs are broadcast in both English and French – most on-screen graphics and captions are bilingual. The channel plans to expand and accommodate most of the continents’ population and plans to roll out Swahili, Arabic, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese content soon in 2022/2023.


  • Good Morning Africa: Weekday news bulletin from 6am to 11am ;
  • Daily News: Weekday news bulletin from 11am to 6pm ;
  • Prime Edition: Weekday news bulletin from 6pm to 11pm ;
  • The Nightshift: Weekday news bulletin from 11pm to 6am ;
  • International Weekend: Weekend news bulletin ;
  • This is Culture!: Daily looks at culture and entertainment ;
  • Sci_Tech: Latest science and technology news ;
  • No|Comment: Pictures with no commentaries ;
  • Météo Africa / Météo World: Your daily weather forecasts ;
  • The Morning Call: Get all the top stories happened overnight or early mornings, broadcast weekday mornings from 6 to 11 (only one first hour is live, others are pre-recorded) ;
  • Business Africa: Weekly 8-minute roundup on business news and markets in Africa and worldwide, live Thursday nights at 8:15 (with repeats till 11:15 then Friday lunchtime and weekend) ;
  • Football Planet: Weekly 10-minute roundup on football news in Africa and Europe, live Monday nights at 8:15 (with repeats till 11:15 then Tuesday lunchtime) ;
  • Focus: In-depth world reports ;
  • The Global Conversation: Interview with an Africanews’ journalist and an international decision-maker ;
  • International Edition: Weekly 10-minute analysis of the week’s stories that make the headlines, powered by Euronews ;
  • Markets: Currencies, African markets and commodities ;
  • Timeout Africa: African events roundup.