Al Jazeera was launched on 15 November 2006, at 12:00 PM GMT. It had aimed to begin broadcasting in June 2006 but had to postpone its launch because its HDTV technology was not yet ready. The channel was due to be called Al Jazeera International, but the name was changed nine months before the launch because one of the channel’s backers argued that the original Arabic-language channel already had an international scope.

In addition to those listed below, Al Jazeera English runs various programmes that are either entirely non-recurrent or consist of just a limited number of parts (miniseries format known as Special Series). All self-owned programmes, including former shows are shown in their entirety on Al Jazeera’s website and YouTube. Licensed documentaries are available only on the website for a limited period of time, however. Currently running programmes on the channel are:[28][29]

101 East – the weekly documentary strand for issues of particular importance across Asia and for people of Asian origins elsewhere. Presenters or hosts have included Teymoor Nabili and Fauziah Ibrahim
Al Jazeera Investigations – documentaries arising from the work of the Al Jazeera Investigative Unit.
Counting the Cost – the weekly look at business and finance.[30] Hosted by Kamahl Santamaria.
Counting the Cost (TV programme)|Counting the Cost – the weekly look at business and finance. Hosted by Kamahl Santamaria.
Empire – a monthly programme exploring global powers and their policies. A discussion with host Marwan Bishara and his guests.
Fault Lines – the documentary series focused on the forgotten and the unreported aspects of life in the United States. Presented by: Josh Rushing, Sebastian Walker, Wab Kinew and formerly by Zeina Awad.
Head To Head – A tough questioning interview programme presented by Mehdi Hasan. Mostly filmed at Oxford Union.
Inside Story – the daily investigation and analysis of a topical issue, with the aid of three guests from within and outside of the country in question. Jane Dutton and Shiulie Ghosh are regular hosts, but most of the Doha-based news-presenters have also taken the chair, including: Dareen Abughaida, Stephen Cole, Adrian Finighan, David Foster, Divya Gopalan, Veronica Pedrosa, Kamahl Santamaria, Folly Bah Thibault.
The Listening Post – analysis of how the other news organizations are covering the stories of the week, plus examination of viewer-submitted news. Created, showrun, and presented from London by Richard Gizbert.
My Zimbabwe – series about people living in the country such as Elias Libombo[32] and writer Petina Gappah.
World news live from Al Jazeera’s Doha broadcast centre
World news live from Al Jazeera’s London broadcast centre
Newshour – an hour of world news and sport hosted from both of Al Jazeera’s broadcast centres.
Newsgrid − an interactive news and live post. Launched on 14 November 2016 as part Of Al Jazeera English’s 10 Year Anniversary of broadcast. Also airs on Facebook Live, and the channel’s YouTube Channel.
People & Power – a biweekly programme, originally presented by Dr. Shereen El Feki.
TechKnow – weekly show showcasing bright spots and innovations in the world of science and technology in the United States and how they are changing lives. Segments are recorded in the field by a group of young, tech-savvy contributors with diverse backgrounds in science and technology.
The Bottom Line – a weekly discussion show moderated by Steven Clemons Steve Clemons at the Al Jazeera’s studios in Washington, DC. With different guests each week, the show delves into “the big issues” facing American society.[35]
The Stream – a discussion programme focused on social media, daily from Monday to Thursday. Hosted by Femi Oke and Malika Bilal, usually with one guest in the studio and a couple on Skype. An issue, itself often viewer-generated, is discussed by the team and viewers can contribute with comments on Twitter or Facebook, with some occasionally invited to join in on Skype.
Talk to Al Jazeera – extended studio interviews with people of influence from around the world:
Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra of Thailand talked to: Veronica Pedrosa[non sequitur]
Viewfinder – Fresh perspectives through the lens of local filmmakers from around the globe.
Witness – the daily-turned-weekly documentary-slot for films by the best of the world’s independent film-makers. The strand aims to shine a light on the events and people long-forgotten by the global media and on those that never merited a mention in the first place.
UpFront – hosted by Marc Lamont Hill, discussion, debate and analysis programme from Washington, D.C.
AJ Go : Digital Series- To have their grip on changing landscape of media and journalism Al Jazeera has introduced a bunch of mini series on social media platform. It basically focuses on analysis of social trends happening in different parts of world. They offer a humane view of seeing things rather than some hardcore political and dogmatized perspective. The objective is to extract some meaningful insight from raw stories taking place everyday which the mainstream media would have ignored otherwise. They include programmes like- Start Here, Close Up, Fork The System, All Hail, Media Theorised, NewsFeed, Between Us, Project Force, Fly On The Wall, We Need To Talk etc.